About Us

Walldream is a Ukrainian manufacturer of eco-wallpaper.
We know that wallpaper plays a big role in creating beauty and comfort in our home.
Therefore, in production, we focus on important priorities such as: quality, environmental friendliness, texture, originality and aesthetic content.
Wallpaper which are manufactured by Walldream, combine art and modern technologies, raw materials and materials, the highest quality of products and environmental friendliness, a huge variety of patterns and colors.

Our wallpapers make it possible to create an interior in any style. A huge variety of design solutions help to embody the atmosphere from the eternal classics to the most modern interior solutions.

The production is based on a lot of details. After all, creating comfort, we understand how important it is to choose the accompanying elements.

In our work we use modern and high-tech equipment, and a whole team of high-class engineers, skilled artists, creative designers, and operators of the most complex machines are working on the wallpaper. High professionalism and love for their work make the wallpaper Walldream a real piece of art.

We put a piece of soul in our products so that every person who buys the wallpaper of our factory always feels warm and family comfort in his home.